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Joe Starr

Writer. Comedian. Nerd Host.


Do you like jokes about robots and D&D and social stuff?

Joe Starr is a writer for ScreenJunkies’ Emmy nominated series Honest Trailers and can be seen every week on ScreenJunkies News. He has been working as a comedian and writer for ten years, performing at clubs, conventions, and comic book stores across the country. Joe has written for Entertainment Weekly, Uproxx, and Pajiba, and has collaborated on several books for Devastator Press. His album Heroic Effort is available on iTunes and

"Starr gels with my immense love of pop-culture satire"

Honest Trailers

Honest Trailers is an Emmy nominated series of parody trailers of films, and occasionally TV shows, that are made to satirize the film.

Heroic Effort

Joe's debut comedy album tackles dirty sex talk, atheism, furries, and transforming robots.

SJ News

Daily live entertainment news from Screen Junkies.

Leg Drop Digest

Read all the latest news, rumors, and match results about your favorite combat-based morality play performers!

Stand Up

Random videos of Joe doing stand up and stuff!

Pencils and Parsecs

Joe plays the Star Wars 'Edge of the Empire' RPG every Friday on HyperRPG

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